The Hungarian organization Budapest Five announced their roster for the upcoming season which features two international players: Patrik "Zero" Žúdel and Rasmus "kreaz" Johansson.

Former HellRaisers star Zero linked up with Hungarian side Budapest Five after a long period out of action and a recent failed return to the Czech-Slovak scene with a project called Moops.

Joining Budapest Five together with Zero is kreaz, who spent a couple of months in Epsilon earlier this year. The two foreign players replaced Kevin "Barcode" Bana and Mark "markk" Herpan, making the team slightly more international.

Shortly after the team was put together, Zero and co. reached the quarter-final of the DreamHack Masters Malmö Open Qualifier, but lost 16-10 to GamerLegion in a match that would've granted them a slot in the Closed Qualifier.

Budapest Five are now:
Ádám "kolor" Domoszlay
Gábor "gabesson" Málovics
Fodor "fleav" Levente
Patrik "Zero" Žúdel
Rasmus "kreaz" Johansson